other projects

I develop content management systems (CMS), e-commerce infrastructures, rest full - API systems and custom-built projects requested by customers.

You can find some of these projects below. Please contact me for more projects and cv.

It is a software where CRM, payment and product managements are made upon the request of the company. The development process of the project continues.

It is software that allows automobile maintenance services to track their customers, vehicles and maintenance times. Provides access to the maintenance history of vehicles with QR code.
It is an e-commerce infrastructure with module and theme support prepared with Laravel and Vue.Js. It is used by dozens of companies.
It is a content management system (CRM) created with Codeigniter. It is currently used in the infrastructure of dozens of websites.
It is a system where price and stock information is automatically retrieved from e-commerce sites by using the web services of the suppliers of companies that sell vehicle spare parts.
Is a content management system created with pure PHP. Used by hundreds of websites. It is supported themes, plugins, multilingual and multilevel users. Update support ended in 2017.
WordPress Plugins
They are plugins with different features added to the WordPress library.
WordPress Themes
Dozens of WordPress themes tailored for customers' needs.